KOJO.VANDIE’s suits bring out the embodiment of a man’s otherworldliness and character through the improvement of the physical being. The affirmation that style is an augmentation of one’s self comes full circle in the wearer having their own verbal expression. The quintessential cut. An idea, an upheaval, detail, focus, driving the specialty of bespoke fitting further. Organized and structured, choice masterfulness and innovative style. 



With military precision Bespoke is the highest level of Tailoring available on offer by KOJO.VANDIE; with handcrafted craftsmanship cut from scratch and  made to perfection . A suit made uniquely for you, fitting you flawlessly. This personal service  is provided within  the Luxury confinement of a time  and place  that suits you. The idea of the bespoke help isn’t just founded on the abilities and rawness of making a restrictive suit, yet additionally the need to share and mirror the character, way of life and yearnings of the KOJO.VANDIE brand. A dynamic group of exceptionally skilled  machinists  rejuvenates, the interesting oddball plans that KOJO.VANDIE makes for his bespoke customers. Made by hand, the bespoke suits hold fast to the deep rooted orders and behaviours of Savile Row fitting. Combined with the skill and particular touch KOJO.VANDIE applies to the completed garment 


The KOJO.VANDIE Made To Measure service gives you an exceptional chance to make your very own closet. With more opportunity of decision than ready  to wear has to offer  , you can look over a wide selection and textures. Given in our extravagance Made to Measure space , our exceptionally talented experts and tailors will cautiously walk you through each phase of the interaction to assist you with making a suit or closet that is crafted in the KOJO.VANDIE soul and is a genuine impression of your style and voice