Terry Kojo Vandie Asiamah – FRSA  was born in Ghana during the 80’s, 5th born in a family of 7 siblings;  as a boy he grew up  living  in various places during his junior high school days, which included living with his Grandmother. 

After senior high school he moved to go live with his Auntie whom he admired very much ; while studying for his Diploma in business studies as a young man she  taught him entrepreneurial skills, leadership and responsibility. In a busy household of Business and politics  he was exposed  to the luxury fashion, Tailoring  and business all of which  he subconsciously  took a huge interest in . Unbeknownst to him, he has been exposed to the Art  of Business and style  all along from a young age.  In 2007, his uncle was appointed as Ghana’s Ambassador to South Korea, therefore, the family had to  move. KOJO.VANDIE was then  trusted as  the Ambassador’s personal stylist and butler for his entire appointment.  At the end of his uncle’s Ambassadorial appointment, he then moved to London. Without hesitation he made a decision to enlist to join  the British Armed Forces as a Commonwealth Citizen. After passing  6 months of winter Infantry training he joined  the 1st Battalion The  Rifles Regiment based in Beachley in Gloucestershire, England as a Rifleman. He later trained to become a sharpshooter and also took part in his unit’s Sniper Cadre .

As an Infantry Soldier, who was in active service for six years, he completed a number of operational tours and training exercises overseas and around the country.

When service to the Queen and country came to a halt, due to an injury sustained while still serving, he decided to pursue Bespoke Tailoring, a decision which is very much out of character for a soldier transitioning back  into civilian life.  

Whilst learning and training  as a Bespoke Tailor, he founded Okona Foundation, in collaboration with his siblings in 2012 to honor his late father; a non profit organisation  that exists to support early childhood education amongst deprived families and communities in Ghana.  

In 2014 the brand KOJO.VANDIE was born, as tribute to his late father, Isaac Kojo Asiamah  also known as  Vandie.

After years of exploring and experimenting  He has embodied  the spirit  of   Avant Garde Fashion  and Modern   Artistry ;  his body of work   is very personal and is described by the Artist as deep emotional expressions of the state of mind of a modern man who is  severely regimented but yet very fragmented. He explores the limits of the mind and experiments with the physical abilities of the body via thought provoking  visual expressions   in the perimeters of Modern Art.      The House of KOJO.VANDIE  is distinctive for its innovative and uncompromising expression of unbridled creativity. The man and the brand hit the ground running, learning, networking and collaborating with like minded individuals. Under his leadership, the brand produces critically acclaimed avante garde pieces, driven by a highly personal vision and a respect for both experimentation and time-honoured craftsmanship. The House is synonymous with modern British couture and Savile Row Standard Bespoke Tailoring . Through a constant exploration of Architecture,  Structure, Texture and Form, KOJO.VANDIE continues to  push the boundaries of the Creative Medium, Fashion and Tailoring . Integral to the KOJO.VANDIE  culture, is the juxtaposition between the feminine and the masculine, fragility and strength, romance and rebellion, man and Artificial Intelligence.